On-the-go power measurement

Car specifications

  • Enter four values – mass, frontal area, drag coefficient, rolling resistance coefficient – and start measuring.

  • The application contains example values for frontal area, drag coefficient and rolling resistance coefficient.
  • To achieve the best accuracy, we recommend using car model-specific values.

Start of use

  • Acceptance of positioning: Measurement requires acceptance of the exact positioning of the device.
  • No ads: Enjoy an uninterrupted user experience without ads.

  • Quick start-up: Start measuring power in just a few minutes!

Clockwatts - On the go car power meter screenshot
Safety notes


  • Not for road use: The application is designed for track conditions.
  • The use of the application is the user's own responsibility.

  • Make sure that using the application does not interfere with driving performance.
  • Securely attach the device to the vehicle.

Reliability of the measurement

  • Consideration of air resistance: The measurement takes air resistance into account. The measurement does not take into account the effect of the wind or the height differences of the track.

  • Accuracy of the positioning signal: The accuracy of the positioning signal may vary, causing errors in the measurement results.

  • Measurement results: The results are based on theoretical formulas and the results are estimates. The most reliable measurement result is obtained on a straight road section.

No need for additional devices

The application works independently on the phone, without external devices or connections to the vehicle.

Clockwatts Android application