Car power measurement application

Clockwatts overview

  • The Clockwatts application is designed especially for car enthusiasts interested in technical applications, who want to see, in addition to traditional meters, also the power produced by the car in track conditions.

  • Combining location information and dynamics, the application provides real-time information about the vehicle's performance without complicated installations or connecting the vehicle.

Virtual dyno meter screenshot

Virtual dyno meter

  • Clockwatts turns your smartphone into a dyno meter that measures car power.

  • The application measures the car's power while driving, showing both instantaneous and maximum power in kilowatts (calculated wheel power/thrust power theoretically required to move the car).

  • Find out how much power your driving style really requires.

Important notes

  • The application is designed for track conditions.

  • The use of the application is the user's own responsibility.

  • The application is available for Android devices.

Clockwatts for track conditions